Past Meeting Surveys


We want to hear from you - are you ready to return to our monthly meetings? This survey is anonymous so please let us know your thoughts. 

Yes, I miss my NACE family and can't wait to get back
I really want to see everyone, but I am unsure at this time
No, I am not ready/can't afford it
I'm at high risk
I'm still too concerned to be in large groups
Boss won't fund networking right now
I am furloughed or unemployed and cannot afford the expense.
Temperature check all staff as they arrive
Temperature check all guests as they arrive
Outdoor meeting only
Social distancing table settings
Limit to 50 guests
Individual food service (no buffets)
Hand sanitizer stations available
All attendees must wear face masks
Other - please leave suggestions in open comments box at end of survey.
Yes, we are able to support NACE
Not sure, but I would be happy to ask
No, we have taken too much of a hit this year
Not sure