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Experience!  2013  |  Shelley Pedersen, CPCE

Report on governance meetings  |  Sunday July 14, 2013  |  Chicago

After a served lunch in the meeting room, the Joint Meeting between the Chapter Presidents’ Council and the Board of Directors was called to order.  Due to limited hotel space, the customary gallery seating area for up-and-coming leaders – and geezers - was not a feature of this session.  Some highlights of the discussion and presentations are:

  -a task force of the Business Development and Finance Committee will revisit the structure of the Experience! Conference, to deconstruct and reassemble it, with the objective:

 ~ of delivering the best education/net event and

  ~ to define what’s best and the systems to maintain it

   -the maximum age for the ‘young professional’ category is age 30, not age 25

  -corporate member category:  the number will decrease from 4 to 2 members at the same property, with membership rates at $395, then $345 for second member and $365 thereafter.

 --the most recent NACE industry survey was sent out to 9,881 individuals, with 731 responses.  That is a 7.4% return.  One key piece of information gleaned is that 28% of the respondents have been in the industry over 20 years.

 -The Foundation of NACE is looking at a bylaws revision project, and President Gary Baumann will keep the membership apprised

The Joint Meeting was then adjourned, and the CPC meeting was called to order.  Some highlights of the discussion and presentations are:

 -there is a move to alter representation by chapter size instead of member discipline, and more interested persons are needed

 -the new website will ask members for one login, not multiples

 -MyNACE online community – members only benefit

Shelley Pedersen, CPCE


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