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The Art of Making Colorful Connections


October 06, 2009
5:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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Atlanta Botanical Gardens
1345 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA

 You’ve been to 7 networking events in the last two months and have a stack of 50+ business cards sitting on your desk. Yet this never seems to turn into actualized business and leaves you wondering where your return on your investment is? Does this really work for other people? It’s called Networking – but it isn’t working! Want to know why? Come to the October NACE meeting and we’ll make it work! Keep reading….

NOTE: If you think this meeting isn’t for you – it probably actually is!


“Would you like to come to my networking event?

You are cordially invited to attend my networking event.

Come meet and network with 50-80 local business people.”


We bet you receive an invitation such as this one, or one with a similar message, at least once a week (if not more). Networking groups are popping up everywhere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, after hour socials, pick a time and there are 5 business events to attend every week! So, you choose to go because you want to see your peers, because you want to get referral business, you want to meet someone you know is going to be there, or WORSE – you don’t go because you can’t stand the mind-numbing monotony or are uncomfortable introducing yourself. And yet…you don’t get the results you want.




Networking…a commonplace cliché and buzz word (and for some a buzz kill). We often self-destruct when attempting our best at “networking”. The main reason these events don’t work is because people don’t know how to do it or they are doing it for the wrong reasons. Additionally, not all networking groups/events are created equal. However, when done properly, making Colorful Connections is your best source for new business resources and education.


We have been building relationships since we were children.  On the playground it helped us get invited to sit at the lunch table or invited to a game of hopscotch.  Later these skills helped us form friendships and sometimes find romance.  Somewhere along the way though in the rush of life we forgot how to simply Connect! Come to the October NACE meeting – Stacy Zeigler, CPCE, CMP and NACE National 1st Vice President is going to teach us how to make Colorful Connections!


Networking builds your Rolodex…Connecting builds your Fan Base…

a Fan will give you a Referral…a Business Card won’t!


Stacy Zeigler, CPCE, CMP

NACE National 1st Vice President

Register NOW! You can’t afford not to!

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atlanta botanical garden


Floral Decor: Blossoms Atlanta



DJ: Spectrum Entertainment & Events

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