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Remembering Dillard Jones


October 19, 2020
8:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Remembering Dillard Jones and Celebrating His Legacy

Hello Atlanta NACE members, we have sadly lost an active member and integral part of our special events industry. Dillard Jones passed away August 8, 2020 due to a challenging and brutal bacterial infection that could not be accurately diagnosed and he fought until the bitter end.

Dillard burst into Atlanta over 20 years ago and made his mark in the hospitality industry, working at Zoo Atlanta as a member of the event planning team, then branching out to contribute to other event industries. He eventually branched out on his own creating his own business, The Concierge Guy. His slogan, “Leave it to Dillard and Consider it done.”

At our NACE monthly programs you could always count on Dillard mixing and mingling. You could hear his distinctive giggle roar and if you were lucky, you got the tightest, biggest Dillard Jones hug. During this time of COVID, where human touch with our industry colleagues are on hold, we forever have his hug in our hearts and laugh to carry on.

How we can celebrate his Legacy.

One of Dillard’s clients Trees Atlanta, who do amazing projects throughout the community, have successfully created an urban forest of many variations. Part of their mission, trees offer aesthetic value, they improve air quality, help to conserve energy through cooling, reduce stormwater runoff, mitigate noise pollution, and provide shelter for wildlife. Studies have highlighted the link between trees and greenspace and physical and mental well-being. Urban nature has a calming effect on us while also encouraging learning, inquisitiveness, and mental alertness. Trees Atlanta also offer their venue for Special Events. There have been many happy weddings, parties and celebrations over the years with Dillard in charge.

All of our NACE Atlanta members can contribute to honor his memory, and give Atlanta a beautiful tree!

If NACE Atlanta Chapter raises $1,500.00 ~ Tree Planting of a ball-and-burlap tree (approximately 12-18 feet tall) is planted in a specific location of donor’s choice (contingent upon land owner approval). Species can be chosen from Trees Atlanta’s tree list suitable for the location of planting. Custom inscribed granite marker (8″ x 8″ x “8) placed at or near the base of the tree. Scheduled special planting ceremony (50% tax-deductible).

So, members of our Atlanta NACE Community, here’s how you can be a part in remembering Dillard. The donation categories will be available in amounts of $15.00, $25.00 and $50.00. You can certainly do more by plugging in however many increments of any of these values you choose on the registration payment button opportunity. Please take a moment to be re-directed to the registration portal and give what you can now.

Dillard would want all who knew him to remember to smile, remember to love, and remember to embrace life with passion. He lived his life with such love, courage, bravery and strength. A Tree in his memory would grow strong and tall, and those that dwell under may enjoy life and Atlanta as he so would have himself <3

Thank you for your participation! We do look forward to celebrating Dillard’s life in 2021 Details TBA!

Atlanta NACE Chapter Board 




$15.00 $15 Donation

$15.00 $15 Donation

$25.00 $25 Donation

$25.00 $25 Donation

$50.00 $50 Donation

$50.00 $50 Donation