Tastes and Trends


Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Atlanta History Center Grand Overlook

Tantalize your taste buds, ignite your creativity & challenge your imagination!

NACE Atlanta invites you to participate in Tastes & Trends to showcase your latest culinary sensations, innovative displays, trendy technology, phenomenal furnishings and more.

Two Competition Categories –Best Taste in catering & Best Trend in any design element.

An outside panel of judges will vote on the best entries in both categories.  In addition, event attendees will vote for the “Atlanta Fan Favorite” in both categories.

The following information has been put together to answer many of the questions asked about the event, rules and regulations, guidelines for the entrants and policies and procedures for the venue.


Thursday, December 21 – Registration open for Competition Entries and General Meeting attendance

Monday, January 29 - Deadline to register Competition Entries

Wednesday, January 31 – Deadline to submit final requests for tables, power, etc

Thursday, February 1 – Late Fee for General Meeting attendance begins

Tuesday, February 6 - NACE Tastes & Trends Competition

If you would like to participate in the 2018 Tastes & Trends Competition please click here to complete the online participation form. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the form is processed; this email will allow you to outline all team members and communicate needs such as booth size, table sizes, power, etc.

If you have a question about your participation, the rules as outlined or deadlines please contact:

Rebekah Vennes | 404-200-3774 | rvennes@ccroswell.com




  •          To confirm your participation and understanding of the rules and guidelines, ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST complete the online registration  HERE    


  •          All attendees must register for the event at www.AtlantaNACE.com. 
  •   One event attendee is included with each Taste or Trend submission.  If you enter both a Taste and Trend, two event attendees are included in your registration.
  •   If your install team or additional staff are planning to stay and attend the event, they must also be registered.  All staff laborers must exit the event space by 3pm. 
  •   Multiple businesses submitting a team entry will include one event attendee for the participant that registers the team.  All other team members must register for the event individually.


  •          Registration Fees
  •   NACE member registration is $40 for each entry submitted. 
  •   Non-member registration is $90 for each entry submitted.


  •          Each Taste entry will be assigned a 10’x10’ space; each Trend entry will be assigned a 12’x10’ space.  If you register a joint Taste and a Trend you will be assigned two spaces totaling 25’x10’.


  •          Access to the venue begins at 9:00am.  All Trend tables must be completely set by 3:00PM for photography and private judging.  The venue will be cleared from 3:00-4:00pm for photography.  Taste tables may return at 4:00pm for final setup of food.


  •          Trend tables not completely set by 3:00pm will not be eligible for private judging or photography.  Taste tables not completely set by 5:30pm will not be eligible for private judging.


  •          Taste entrants should be prepared to serve up to 200 TASTE sized portions of their food item.


  •          Judging criteria for Tastes will be for creativity in use of flavors, presentation and overall taste.  Judging criteria for Trends will be for creativity in your concept and the details which are included in your overall design.


  •          Doors officially open at 5:30pm; all tables must remain set until the event concludes at 8:00pm.  Strike may occur immediately following the event and be complete by 11:00pm.


  •          Judging for Awards
  •   Attendees will vote for an Atlanta’s Fan Favorite for Best Taste and Best Trend. 
  •   Our judging panel of non-industry professionals will select an overall for Taste and for Trend.  Recognition awards will be presented during the program portion of the evening.


  •          Each entrant is responsible for not damaging any part of the Atlanta History Center.  Should you do so, the Atlanta History Center retains the right to charge you accordingly. You are also responsible for completely cleaning up your pre-set & completely removing all your waste, etc. from the premises; failure to do so will result in a $500 fee.



NACE will provide 60” rounds, 6’ or 8’ banquet tables, complimentary for your use.  Please note your needs when contacted to confirm your registration.  These will be in your space upon arrival.

Entrants can bring in another size table of your choice provided it fits within your assigned space.


The venue will provide their standard chair(s), complimentary to your use.  Entrants can bring in other chair styles of your choice provided they fit within your assigned space. 


Each entrant is responsible for providing all table coverings and napkins needed for all tables. 


Each Taste entrant is responsible for providing display pieces, chafing dishes, serving utensils or other holding vessels for food.  Each Taste entrant is responsible for providing their own disposable vessels and dining utensils for food service.  It is suggested these enhance the style of your entry.

Each Trend entrant is responsible for providing all furniture, lighting, china, etc... for their design.  Feel free to use any style and any number of items necessary to enhance your theme and trend.  Many NACE members are excited to work with you to provide these items, if needed.  

NACE or the Atlanta History Center take no responsibility of the receipt or return of any items brought in by participants or other vendors.



The venue requires all live flames be completely enclosed. 


All floral brought inside AHC must be treated for insects.  Live plants with root balls are permitted but must be from an approved plant vendor.  Please contact Rebekah Vennes for vendor information.


You may use any source for any items within your design. 

Neither the venue nor NACE is responsible for any of the items you rent or borrow to produce your Taste or Trend for this event.  All items must be taken from the venue at the conclusion of the event.  It is strongly suggested that you have a separate contract with each vendor that provides items for you and that you are aware of the replacement cost of every item.


There is ample, complimentary electrical access.  Please note if you need to be close to a power source.  You are responsible for extension cords.


Each space assignment will be at random.  The Tastes & Trends committee will do it’s very best to place entrants with power needs, drapery, walls or other tall elements around the perimeter of the room.

You are responsible for signage in your booth identifying your company and all contributing vendors.


It is recommended that each entrant have a story board and collateral describing their Taste or Trend inspiration.

Taste entrants MUST post their food item(s) and all ingredients and allergens within their space.


If you would like your design to be highlighted or pin-spotted you are welcome to supply the equipment necessary to do so.  If you plan on doing this, please let us know to ensure advanced planning of power.  These structural elements must be contained within your space and the lighting respectful to those around you.


All decorations and signs must be freestanding and cannot be hung on walls or from the outside of any buildings. Nothing can be stapled, tacked, or taped to any surfaces.

Pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, fog or haze machines are not permitted.

Items cannot block any entryways, paths, exits, stairwells or hallways at any time or be near exhibition items.

Touch-up painting of décor items is not permitted on property at the Yaarab Shrine Center.

All sandbags must be inside a protective canvas casing. Each sandbag must be checked on-site for leaks before brought into the Yaarab Shrine Center. If using weights they must be in protective covering to prevent damage to floors and walls.


Access to the venue will begin at 9:00am.  The Atlanta History Center Grand Overlook is a second floor space so large items must come in via the loading dock at the East Andrews entrance.  Please request your preferred load-in time when providing your entry information.  The committee will do their best to accommodate all times in order to facilitate ease of access for all participants.  Smaller items that can be carried or moved on a cart may come in via the front door and up an elevator or one flight of stairs.

Please bring all of your own supplies, including ladders, carts, hand trucks and cleaning supplies.


Please plan to load out your items immediately following the 8:00pm event conclusion.  Access to the loading dock will be available until 11:00pm.


There is no storage space for advance shipments; you must bring all items needed into the venue on the day of the event.

There is no official designated storage room. Please use the space under your table or use your vehicle. 


A NACE member professional photographer will shoot the room and individual table design details between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.  Please contact them independently, should you wish to have access to photos of your table.

Please identify someone to light your candles if you will not be on site at 3:00pm.


A panel of judges will review the Trend designs prior to the chapter meeting to make their decision on awards. The judges will sample the Taste entries during the first 60 minutes of the event to make their decision on awards.

Each registered attendee will be given ONE ticket for Atlanta’s Fan Favorite for Taste entry and ONE ticket for Atlanta’s Fan Favorite for Trend design.         

Each Taste entrant and Trend designer will be recognized for their participation and design. 

The winners’ announcement will be included in the program content of the event and awards presented to the victors. 

Atlanta History Center’s full Private Event Guidelines may be found at www.atlantahistorycenter.com/private-events/grand-overlook