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Sharon Moskowitz
Director of Events Oglethorpe University
Managing Director, Conant Performing Arts Center

Millennials and Student Engagement ~ The essence of the present and future successes in the events industry.

What is all this talk about “Millennials”?

Wikipedia defines this great group of humans as The Millennials (also known as Generation Y). They are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

Millennial characteristics vary by However, the generation is generally marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies.


What was discussed and as a mother of three of “them”. Parents are pretty much the culprit and cause of the following traits:


Millennials give modestly to multiple causes in early engagement.

Millennials learn about and donate to causes digitally, using each platform distinctly.

Peers are a critical influence on millennial giving.

Millennials want to use and develop their skills through giving.

Among millennials, women give more money than men, larger donations correlate with higher total volunteer hours.

Millennials get involved based on intrinsic motivation.

By the year 2020, they will make up 50% of the work force. Finding ways to successfully engage the millennial generation is imperative in our world today.

Millennials love recognition, so why not give it to them!


What I personally and professionally observed at the 2017 NACE Experience certainly emphasized many of these statements. Specific sessions as well as seeing full representation at the conference, with hundreds of future event professionals “boots on the ground”, making our experience as good as it could be.


The role I have taken with the NACE Board as co-liaison (with Bryon Brown of PPI),

To build a student chapter that warrants and defines stellar student representation that will grow and enhance the overall NACE mission.  With that however comes                                                                                                                     a need for our members to do the following:


Create Student Engagement!

A “buddy system” – bring students in your workplace, not just give them tasks to do, but allow them to see if from your perspective and understand why and what.  It is important that they understand it is not just “your way” but what makes your business successful. Students will offer energy, positive change and may even give you a perspective that you didn’t necessarily see.

Yes, there are those trophies and rewards students love to receive. However, NACE does a wonderful job annually and we do locally that we can offer special accolades to bring students who want the industry be the best they can be.

The award recipients in Houston were abundant. They reflected the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

FUNDING. Imperative and necessary. The NACE Atlanta Chapter will no doubt need

“seed money” and professional sponsors from the event community that will help lead and show them the way…

Bryon and my goal will be to elevate and stimulate you, our members, to donate to their future which ultimately creates their future and leaves the legacy of our hard work to shine.


 NACE Experience Conference 2017
Houston, TX
Michelle Segura

How many times do you think it takes to create a new habit? 5 times, 16 times, 20 times times? Nope, it takes 66 times to create a new habit according to Janet Zaretsky. In presenting How to Get Noticed, Get Heard and Get Ahead, Janet explains you have to create new habits in order to be noticed, be heard and get ahead.

So often, we ask questions but are rarely listening to the answer. That is because we are too busy thinking about what we will say or ask next. In order to be heard, you need to listen, not react. Conversations then take a different turn and become more meaningful and memorable rather than focusing on us and what we want to say next.

In order to get noticed, not only does your body language and the words you use when communicating make a difference, but how you dress is a large factor. If you wear jeans and a t-shirt to a client meeting which is taking place in a ballroom venue, you might not be viewed as that high end florist or photographer or DJ that the client is looking for. Slouching can also give the impression that you are not invested in the conversation therefore resulting in people passing up on your services.

You are always being judged.  When you walk into the doctor’s office, when you introduce yourself at a networking event, when you are grocery shopping. People are often afraid of being judged, so they hold back on giving their opinions or asking a question. Everyone wants to be noticed in some capacity, and in order to do so, we all feel the need to get ahead. When searching for new career opportunities, too many times we often look past the opportunity if we don’t fit every one of the requirements.  What is the worst that could happen if you apply to a job that you may not have 100% of the experience in?  They don’t hire you. But what if you didn’t apply and you could have been hired?  We get emotional when we feel that there is a threat to our ego. Instead of reacting, try responding. Apply to the job. Show your confidence. Ask for compensation based on what you are worth. In turn, you were heard, noticed and are now ahead.

Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse:
3 Keys to Get Noticed, Get Heard and Get Ahead
- Janet Zaretsky






NACE Experience 2017 article by Emily Evanoff

The first session on Sunday was the Industry Summit and Chapter Awards where we reviewed Anirban Basu who is the Chairman and CEO had some very important and interesting information on the state of the industry, hiring and firing and the way that certain “taboo” policies (i.e tattoos) are becoming less of a issue when hiring employees. Myself, Carlton Brown and Brittany Buttery were called on stage and recognized as new CPCE’s which was such an honor. I then had the opportunity to select the round table discussion for Catering Professionals in the Social Hotel Market. It was a great way to meet other people in the industry that do the same thing I do.

That night the Experience kicked off with the Opening Reception at the Ballroom on Bayou Place. It was amazing. The entrance to the event had models with body art, a full graphic step entrance, and a huge mural wall display. The theme of the event was monochromatic, and the entire large room was filled with color and light. Some of the interesting notes from the reception was the “open bar concept” there were drinks made and displayed almost like a grocery store. There was a “lite-brite” wall of shooters, cotton candy and doughnut stations. An entire wall of lights – the party did not disappoint.
The first breakout session I attended was the “Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse” with Janet Zaretsky. We were told about common themes that women do in the hospitality and business world. She noted we needed to speak up, always ask for what you think you deserve and that it’s ok to describe ourselves as the amazing person we are. I took away a ton of great information that I have since shared with my team.

We then all went into the Culinary Experience for lunch with Jerry Edwards and Monique Sudack moderating. We learned about the current trends of food, what is up and coming and what is current now, while we were served a fabulous coursed meal paired with wines.
The next session I attending was with Meryl Snow – There is no money in Sales for Second Place. She was a fun speaker and really reminded us of the value of connecting with our clients. The small touches that are needed to be successful

That evening was the Foundation Event Inferno at the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice. We were all able to dress up in Red and have a fun night raising money and dancing.
I next morning we were up bright and early and I attended the smaller break out session Managing Millennial Catering and Event Planning Pros with Lisa Hopkins Berry. I enjoyed hearing from the presenter and the audience about their thoughts and experiences with this topic. I think this was an important topic to debate and let the National Organization know that I would like to see more about it.

Next I went to the Art of Surprise and Delight with Meghan Ely. I enjoyed this presentation in that it reminded me of how it is the small things that make someone really remember you and your business. I followed this presentation by attending Kate Patay Design in color. It was great to see how color and trends influence all different parts of business. I then went to Customer Journey, their path to your success. Having another customer focused breakout session was a fun way to learn about the things that
make the customer tick. Finally, I was the moderator for the Venue Manager vs. Wedding Planner featuring Alicia Crosby. I have always enjoyed hearing her speak and we had a very open conversation with the entire group about how the two groups can work together for a successful event. 

That evening was the Awards ONE Gala, in which the trophies were presented to the best of many different categories. As a chapter we didn’t come away with a win, but we were able to spend time with each other following the awards at the reception. The reception featured lighting displays, DJ and a fabulous plated dinner. We ended the evening with an after party in the hotel that went until 1AM.

The NACE Experience is a truly wonderful opportunity for any hospitality professional and it was a pleasure and privilege to attend the Houston Experience in 2017. I look forward to next year!


Brittany Buttrey
NACE Experience 2017 Reflection

The Little Things

In the fast-paced, and sometimes relentless, events industry, it’s easy to lose focus of our individual reasoning for choosing this field of work over another.  It far too easy to get caught up in the grind and forget the little things about our field that keep us coming back.  It’s hard to think that many professionals in this industry choose to show up to the office every morning simply for a paycheck.  We are involved with events, catering, vending, etc. because we’re good at it… because we derive a sense of satisfaction from a happy client… and because we genuinely value our “friendors” and those around us.

I love attending the NACE Experience every year for the fabulous parties, great education, delectable cuisine, and world-class comradery.  Still, perhaps the most intriguing thing about Experience every year is seeing how each city interprets the events industry and how their NACE Chapter interacts with their local scene.  This year, Houston epitomized why I love Experience because they remembered to focus on the little things that make them unique and make all of us love our jobs.

I was blown away by the attention to detail and thoughtfulness of the incredible Houston Chapter as our hosts.  I could rave on and on about their successes, but below are a few that truly resonated with me and are things that I believe we can all remember to do for each other and our clients on a daily basis:

  •          Attentiveness:  Houston listened to our feedback from 2016.  They took the concerns of their national community to heart and made changes to improve on the already impressive Ft. Lauderdale Experience.  From formatting the educational content to cuisine choices, they demonstrated their desire to please and improve.
  •          Giving: From their time to their talents, Houston gave their country-wide NACE Members so much to be thankful for.
  •          Hospitality: I still can’t BELIEVE I found a Gala invitation in my room with a custom cup and Tito’s cocktail fixins!  How very Texas of them!  Southern hospitality brought to us by a prized local brand. 
  •          Pride: I love how much Houston prides their student involvement and loves to show them off.  They were a wonderful asset to the Experience and give us hope for the future of our industry and association.
  •          Community: Was anyone else impressed with the local Sheriffs sporting cowboy hats that escorted us to the Opening Reception?  What a wonderful, thoughtful and unique local touch. 
  •          Courage: Houston was not afraid to take risks this year.  The Monochromatic Opening Reception is a wonderful display of their ambition.  It was simply an amazing, over-the-top event.  From the painted dancers, to the hip band, adventurous cuisine and food stations, unique bars and cocktail recipes, and outside-the-box décor… I was floored and in awe of their imagination and desire to put themselves out there. 

This year, Houston remembered all the little things that make not only the NACE Experience worth it to all of us, but make our careers paths worth all our blood, sweat, and tears.  This business ain’t easy, and it surely isn’t always glamorous, but it’s rewarding when we do it right… which is certainly what this chapter did in 2017.  

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Classified Ads


City Winery 


Job Title: Event Director

Reports to: General Manager / Assistant General Manager (GM / AGM)

Position Summary:

Lead event team in planning unique and customized events for our clients ensuring guests leave with a truly memorable experience.  Provide strategic leadership of Private Event Sales and Event Management in City Winery’s continuing effort to deliver flawless guest service and financial profitability. Serve as first point of contact for clients and assess details to gauge whether we can meet required needs.  Oversee workflow of the Event Department; provide a proper handoff to the event team and monitor the planning progress in building a seamless BEO. Produce and/or curate professional, hospitable, and profitable events that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients; provide a seamless planning process leading up to and including the date of an event.  Collaborate effectively and in a timely manner with the operational team on all execution details allowing for the best guest experience.  Communicate with the GM and Chef regarding event equipment rentals and décor usage; find ways to have the most effective materials in service at the most efficient cost available.  Provide financial goals, forecasting and overall department financials to management.  Prepare cash management report and event profit and loss statements for Accounting Department to incorporate into monthly P&L.  Promote the philosophy of flawless hospitality at all times.

Overview of Responsibilities:

Primary duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, performing the following tasks to the highest standards.

Outreach & Networking:

  •    Implement business growth strategies for all attainable markets, including weddings, corporate meetings & conferences, food & beverage industry events, the non-profit & fundraising circuit, and social event planners.
  •    Develop a yearly outlook calendar to work hand in hand with internal marketing department to promote to City Winery newsletter (i.e. run banner ads in August for early holiday bookings, include promotion for corporate events in x month in order to push sales during slow times)
  •    Target marketing efforts to existing lists that have been developed internally & manage outreach with marketing through MailChimp
  •    Send out quarterly newsletter to make special announcements, promote bookings specials, and upcoming events  
  •    Execute “Cold Call” campaigns to various markets throughout the year to bring in new business
  •    Attend key City Winery events executed by operations team and network with clients and attending guests to develop repeat and/or future business
  •    Attend relevant events outside of City Winery to further network and bring in new clients
  •    Develop & maintain relationships with vendors, including rental companies, bands, DJs, florists, photographers, caterers, parking garages, security companies, and bakeries


Booking & Contracting:

  •    Manage all leads/inquiries, contact lists, and bookings of all status within TripleSeat (web-based calendar and contact management platform utilized by all departments across CW locations)
  •    Field inquiries & leads daily via phone, email, and TripleSeat, replying to all within 24-hours of receiving initial lead/inquiry.
  •    Encourage and lead site tours as an imperative primary step in the planning process
  •    Create & send a detailed, customized event proposal after in depth conversation with client, helping to materialize their vision; proposals should include detailed pricing and menu options, and will act as an addendum for all agreed upon details should client go to contract
  •    Create official contracts with payment details and a standard terms & conditions to be sent, and signed by client, and returned with deposit to secure & finalize booking in a timely manner


              Event Planning & Execution:

  •    Once booking has been finalized, work with client to solidify event details, i.e menu selections, run of show, etc.  Encourage client to upgrade elements when possible, i.e. custom label wine, premium menus, etc
  •    Create Banquet Event Order (BEO) within TripleSeat, conveying all event details to all departments and changes in emails within 10 days of an event
  •    Practice great communication with each member of the team, and across departments
  •    Facilitate the rentals of any necessary items, i.e. tables, chairs, glassware, etc. and communicate their delivery and pick-up with Receiving and Service Managers
  •    Discuss & execute the in-house printing of any materials with Graphic Designer
  •    Day of event, print all BEOs & floorplans for service staff.  Make sure manager has original Beverage Log
  •    Aid Service Managers during event setup, managing important details and the client’s expectations
  •    Enable client hand-off to the Service Manager that will be executing the event
  •    Create & send any necessary addendums for additional costs outside of contracted amount, and collect funds within 5 business days following the event to ensure timely payment.
  •    Follow up with client to attain feedback regarding all facets of the event, and report back to CW team as necessary.


Post-Event Follow-up

  •    Call or contact the event client within 3 business days of event to garner immediate & live feedback

o    Respond to any concerns or issues immediately with CW departments and follow-up with client

o    Provide positive and constructive feedback to CW departments as appropriate

  •    Create and send any necessary additional event invoices for on-site event additions that occurred; collect payment for these charges within 5 business days following the event
  •    Send client electronic Event Survey within 3 business days of event
  •    Within first year of operation strive to receive a minimum of 50% return on surveys



  •    Develop an Annual Marketing Calendar with the Marketing Director to promote City Winery Events:

o    Banner ads in Newsletter

o    Blog submissions every other month

o    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram plans

  •    Secure editorial spots in related publications, blogs, etc.
  •    Secure listings in related publications, websites, etc. as a private event space



  •    Weekly Receivables: Submit summary of expected incoming amounts each week (deposits, payments, etc.) to Accounting Department and GM/AGM every Monday morning
  •    Bi-weekly Forecast: Create & maintain a 3-month outlook, showing all bookings across all status levels and compare sales number Year to Date of the current year to sales numbers of the past years; recognize/analyze trends and share results with GM/AGM & Accounting Department
  •    Monthly Event Profit & Loss (P&L)

o    Report revenues and production costs for each private event held during a calendar month

o    Report Costs of Goods (COGs) including food, beverage, staffing, rentals, Event Dept. salaries, audio/visual production and others items related to event production

o    Submit final report with analysis to Accounting Department and GM/AGM no later than the 10th of the following month

Internal Communications:


  •    Collaborate with Marketing Director for new ideas to target various industries
  •    Work on trade opportunities with strategic partners / companies
  •    Secure editorial on events for relevant publications, blogs, etc.
  •    Secure listings promoting CW as an event space in relevant publications, websites, blogs, etc.
  •    Meet with Marketing Director once per month to discuss upcoming City Winery events that may be “press worthy” and make introduction to the client
  •    List approved City Winery events on website or create banners


  •    Meet with Talent Buyer regularly to review upcoming confirmed bookings and open dates in the calendar; work together to fill in open dates
  •    Place holds strategically throughout the year on dates that are prime for large-scale private events and discuss the booking potential of those dates with Talent Buyer
  •    Refer clients to Talent Buyer for assistance with booking bands for their events


  •    Schedule monthly meetings with Wine Director to discuss, plan & execute City Winery exclusive wine & winemaking related programming (music & wine pairing, CW Wine School, etc.)
  •    Aid Wine Director in building & maintaining relationships to foster industry events, like portfolio tastings and tasting seminars
  •    Communicate schedule with Winemaker as appropriate

                Service & Kitchen

  •    Work with AGM and/or Service Director to set service standards that will be applied universally regardless of the nature of the event, and design & execute different types of events
  •    Work with the Executive Chef seasonally to design & execute menus that are conducive to smooth service over various types of events
  •    Clearly communicate setup needs to service managers (clearing furniture, silverware, etc.)
  •    Relay details of special lunch reservations to service & kitchen managers as necessary / appropriate


  •    Submit all necessary documentation as required by Accounting Department schedule, including contracts, payments with event details, addendums and payments thereof, and required reports, as noted above


Departmental Organization:

  •    Write, evaluate and update all Event Department job descriptions on a regular basis
  •    Hire event department personnel by putting the right people in the right positions
  •    Lead, manage, and coach Event Department personnel; assist in the career planning and development of Event Department personnel
  •    Conduct reviews of Event Department personnel on an annual basis
  •    Set F&B Minimums, staff pricing and pricing for all rentals (space, production, etc.) for event spaces as is most appropriate for business in the market
  •    Plan and gain approval from GM for annual revenue budgets and monthly forecasts
  •    Do initial setup of TripleSeat and maintain all aspects of the program on an ongoing basis.
  •    Write and maintain an Event Management & Event Sales SOP manual and reference guide
  •    Review and write copy / provide images for Private Events page on website; update as often as appropriate and review annually
  •    Review and write copy / provide images for Private Events brochures; update as often as appropriate and review annually
  •    Design and update all contractual documentation for Private Events, including:

o    Proposal templates

o    Contract templates

o    Turnover/Introduction Letters

o    Private Event Policies

o    Banquet Event Order templates

o    Beverage Log templates

o    Estimated & Final Invoice templates

o    Thank You Letters

  •    Design and update all selling tools for Private Events, including Banquet Menus Beverage Packages, Wine Lists, Audio Visual Packages & Equipment, and Additional Sells (Custom Wine, Wine Blending, Wine/Culinary Activities, etc.)
  •    Design and update as appropriate a Final Event Survey for all Private Event clients

o    Provide positive and constructive feedback to all CW departments & teams based on survey results

o    Compile data analytics on a quarterly basis and review with CW departments

o    Respond to clients’ responses as appropriate

Physical Requirements:

  •    Must be able to sit, stand and walk regularly
  •    Must be able to sustain loud noise volume
  •    Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds
  •    Must be able to travel as needed



The above list of specific duties is considered to be essential functions of this position.  This list is not exhaustive, is subject to change, and you are expected to assume any and all duties assigned by management whether or not they are listed here.  An effort has been made to thoroughly describe the customary manner in which this job is performed; however, reasonable accommodations will be made for qualified individuals with disabilities who may not be able to perform the job in the manner indicated.  You should contact your supervisor to request a reasonable accommodation.

Decisions and criteria governing the employment relationship with all employees at City Winery are made in a non-discriminatory manner, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, veteran status, age, FMLA status, or any other factor determined to be unlawful by federal, state or local statutes.

I acknowledge that I have received a copy of my job description and I understand what is expected of me as an employee.  I understand that failure to meet the expectations outlined in the job description may result in disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

Interested Parties Contact:
William Baber


Oversee the operations and sales of a premier north GA event venue located in a private gated community. Managing existing and new customer relationships. The Venue Manager will insure customer satisfaction, quality service, compliance with established procedures/policies, and profitable operations. Base salary plus commissions of sales

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop relationships with brides, corporate, and private party decision-makers
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the community of big canoe
  • Responsible for bookings, confirmations, billings, generating proposals, contracts, collections.
  • Communicates with customers before, during and after event.
  • Receive and handle clients’ requests and claims in relation to the quality of food, beverage and service attitude.
  • Follow up on leads including schedule showings and coordinate with vendors to produce a closed sale and a flawless event.
  • Develop a screening process to avoid meeting with clients that are not going to book
  • Aggressively research and find new avenues to increase booking at the chimneys (corporate retreats, selling rehearsal dinners, day after wedding brunches are just as a few examples)
  • Solicits new and existing clients in order to meet budgetary sales expectations.
  • Work with owner to develop an all-inclusive package that would include negotiations with outside vendors (cake, officiant, flowers, DJ, and event designer / coordinator) to compete with other “one stop shop” event facilities
  • Suggest alternative venues if the clients preferred date is already booked (let’s keep these clients in the family)
  • Ambassador of the company at trade shows and conventions to promote company and build sales.
  • Responds to telephone and web inquiries
  • Works at events to direct set up and ensure events are executed in an efficient manner; expedites all problems and emergencies.
  • Assumes the position of the Reception Coordinator at assigned events
  • Possesses and maintains thorough knowledge of inventory styles, kitchen capabilities, and menu options.
  • Acting as a liaison between sales, operations, kitchen, and client.
  • Maintains and communicates event information within Caterease and departments.
  • Insures Caterease is updated of contacts for repeat and future bookings.
  • Consistently demonstrates superior customer service skills and acts as a positive role model.
  • Facilitate the cleaning and equipment inventory/maintenance for the property.
  • Work with our marketing department to develop and implement a campaign strategy to increase bookings (including permission from clients to use pictures and quotes about their event)
  • Performs varied support services requiring proficiency in general office and organizational skills and knowledge of department operations

    Oversee the operations and sales of a premier north GA event venue located in a private gated community. Managing existing and new customer relationships. The Venue Manager will insure customer satisfaction, quality service, compliance with established procedures/policies, and profitable operations. Base salary plus commissions of sales

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